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End Procrastination in 5 Minutes

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
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Knock out all excuses.

Quick! What have you been procrastinating today, perhaps even right now? A work report or phone call? Laundry or tidying the house? A family scrapbook you nearly-but-not-quite finished?

What about something bigger, such as finding a more fulfilling career or releasing excess weight?

There’s a phrase I’ve learned in coaching: “What you resist, persists.” Boy is that true.


You momentarily finagle your way out of an uncomfortable task or commitment, but what remains? When you don’t uphold a promise to yourself, it feels like a breach to your integrity, so at best you’re left with guilt (not to mention the item is still undone.) Procrastination can also cause shame, further inaction, and even depression, such as that experienced by someone who unexpectedly loses his job and then spends his days watching TV instead of submitting applications.

It causes a state of stuck-ness. (If you started something and then stopped it indefinitely, you, my friend, are living in the past—and likely re-living what you haven’t completed with many moments of worry.) It’s not surprising if several areas of your life feel similarly stymied.



The Secret to Finding the Time

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
Running in Rumi's Field

When was the last time you ____ -- just because?

In my last blog about money, I invited you to consider surprising ways you could find and spread your wealth.

Perhaps, like me, you also think that time is a scarce commodity. Time is money slipping through your fingers, only the currency is shrinking minutes in the day.

It’s all a farce, ya know. If you assessed all the tasks you accomplish for which ones add breath to your life or a kind touch to someone else’s, could you really find the time for those? And… even though you say you don’t have the time… how often do you squander your time on the Internet or with other trivial excuses? It seems time is quite relative, and it all depends on how you look at it.



When Playing Hookey Isn’t So Fun

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I’ve recently surprised myself by finding fun in some of the girly aspects of planning my wedding–things like shopping for accessories and bridesmaid gifts. (Thank you Etsy!) And while several friends have encouraged me to enjoy this time of my life, I’ve got this nagging feeling that’s starting to drag me down.

You see, I’m so busy trying to figure out where to get subtly-colored strappy evening shoes that I’m cutting big-time into the hours I’ve set aside for bookkeeping and other work projects. And that doesn’t feel good. I mean, it’s great to dream. I never used to be a girl who dreams about her wedding (well, except in my twenties when I thought a peanut butter and jam cake sure would be memorable–shows you where my priorities were!)

However, I am clear that my daydreams and wedding website updates are now getting in the way of my career dreams and blog posts. They have become an excuse to procrastinate the seemingly not-as-fun tasks of building a business. I coach clients around eliminating just such “tolerations” in their lives–”unfinished” conversations and action plans that, if we’re honest about them, we’re using to sidetrack us from the bigger game of vibrant health, intimate relationships, and meaningful work. When you start completing tasks you’ve been avoiding, you re-establish your integrity. By putting your ducks in a row in one area of life, you are actually freeing yourself up to pursue your heart’s desire elsewhere. Tackling the project can even be fun because it taps a deeper level of passion.

So, what do YOU need to finish? ME: I’ve been meaning to schedule a free conference call to talk about how coaching can help support you (and friends or loved ones) with your wellness and life goals. I promise to do that in the next month. If unhealthy weight or unfulfilled dreams has been something YOU’ve been tolerating for some time now, my request is that you email to let me know if you’d like to join that call. And then we can all get on with the fun of living rich, purpose-driven lives. Now THAT’s a fabulous feeling.


Breathe Life into the Little Things

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Last blog, I talked about how it’s important to first add the Big Rocks (top priorities) to your life container prior to filling your day with the smaller rocks and sand. That doesn’t mean you stop doing the little things–the errands and your job, for example. That would be impractical. The difference between fitting the small rocks around the Big Rocks versus letting them get in the way involves choice and perspective.

i.e. Sending birthday cards and making family dinner are “little” rocks that have everything to do with the “big” rock of Relationship. Similarly, exercise and healthy eating choices are the day-in, day-out habits of Healthy Living.

Life is oftentimes filled with the mundane–cleaning, organizing, driving, etc. However, when these little rocks are perceived as being necessary within the context of the Big Rocks you’ve already determined and added as important, how much more exciting that makes the day! The perspective shifts from something you “have” to do (email; dishes), to something you “get” to do (connect; create a home) as a matter of living the beautiful life you’ve been given and have chosen for yourself.

To help you set the Big Rocks straight in your life, please join us for the Self-Truce group life/wellness transformation coaching. You only get one life–make every breath count!


Add Your Big Rocks First

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I think I was in a Franklin Covey time management class when I first heard (or rather, saw) the Big Rock analogy. The class instructor demonstrated how much easier it is to fill a clear container with the large rocks (which represent your top priorities) first and then fill in the nooks and crannies with smaller rocks, gravel, and sand. Kinda impossible to fit everything in if you start with the small stuff first. That would be like performing a song with just the bass and tambourine.

I wonder: How would your life look if you added the big rocks first? If you focused first on your family, faith, and health, for example, before filling in your day with work tasks and TV? (Most) days, I make a point to get in my workout before checking email. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to get sucked into Facebook and all the to-do’s.

Perhaps it’s time you called a halt to your current way of doing things, and created greater possibilities for your life–lay down a foundation of Big Rocks before building your day on sand. Please join us for the next Self-Truce group life/wellness transformation coaching starting in just a couple weeks. With support, it’s unbelievable what will open up for your relationships, wellness, and more. Shift. Choose a different path. Create traction. Move forward. It’s the transformational dance called Add Your Big Rocks First.

Next blog: When is it actually necessary to focus on the little things?