“Sarah helped me navigate a huge career move”

Anne, age 37, executive director of a non-profit:

Sarah Sutton has been a critical life coach partner during a few pivotal times in my professional and personal journey. The first time I worked with Sarah, she helped me navigate a huge career move (from a big 4 consulting firm in Washington, DC to a 5-person non-profit in San Diego) by drilling down into my core values and passions. Three years later, I can say it was the best professional decision I’ve made and that I never would have done it without Sarah’s coaching and support. Most of the time she was a cheerleader, at other times she challenged me and always respected my style, potential and needs.

I’m working with her a second time–two years later–to focus on balance, effective communication techniques, and confidence building, and once again, she has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is navigating transition or simply wants to dig in and get more out of life by living his or her truth. Thank you, Sarah!”