Personal Coaching

smiling personal coaching clientWhereas other healthy living programs focus on education or best practices, Truce personal coaching helps you first emotionally connect with your motivations to change and permanently shift your thinking so that your actions have staying power.

The Truce Personal Coaching Process

Truce’s original 5-step transformational personal coaching path with your personal lifestyle coach will help you:

  1. Trust and embrace your vision of optimal living. (Most programs never talk about this!)
  2. Re-align your goals with what you want most, not what you think you “should” be doing.
  3. Uncover sabotaging beliefs and engage new, intuitive practices.
  4. Commit to small steps each week and act by choice.
  5. Evaluate and be your own champion, and learn to persevere at anything.

According to industry research, 98.5% of clients report their investment in personal coaching was well worth the money, and those who work with a coach for three or more months reach an average of 80% of their goals.

Call Your Own Truce

BenefitsĀ of personal coaching with a lifestyle coach include one-on-one attention, laser focus, and custom action planning with founder Sarah Sutton as your life coach, life coach for weight loss, stress coach, or national board-certified health coach (depending on your focus.) Truce‘s recommended personal coaching program is an initial 90-minute jumpstart meeting (in-person if local to Northern Virginia, such as in Fairfax or Loudoun), and then three 50-minute sessions per month over three to ideally six months or longer, with additional email, phone support, and fast-result assignments. Investment options are customizable and typically range $300-$525/month. Most personal coaching is done by phone or web video for convenient scheduling.

Learn more about what makes Truce’s brand of professional coaching so different and contact Sarah for a complimentary consultation today.