About Truce Coaching

life coaching for transformation

What makes Truce coaching so different? Personal experience as much as professional, and a 180 degree shift in thinking.

The following YouTube video explains what coaching is, who my brand of coaching is for, and what keeps me coaching. I offer national board-certified level health and wellness coaching and transformation coaching for: sustainable weight loss, work/ life balance, healthy living, stress management, and more. I coach toward a 180 degree turn on your current way of thinking, relating, and acting. Together, this leads to incredible results. Read on for more about the Truce coaching difference, and please contact Truce today to get started on your transformation journey.

The Truce Coaching Difference

Based on over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, twelve years life and health coaching, and eleven years personally living my own transformation, I, Sarah Sutton, have learned why most programs fail. They fail to take into account the whole person (your personality, life dynamics, etc) and the (often surprising) real issues. Truce:

  1. Interweaves spiritual principles that lend transcendental meaning to your well-being, and make for transformation coaching rather than life coaching.
  2. Shifts your mental patterns and emotional reactions to be someone who is flexible and believes anything is possible in the present moment.
  3. Uses physical movement and posture, breathwork, and your body’s own wisdom to ingrain habits (my version of somatic coaching.)
  4. Illuminates exactly how to make transformative shifts through original experiential practices.

Truce Partners

We are happy to partner with, or recommend from personal experience, the following practitioners: